3 Ways to Go Green in the Office

go green

Copiers are a must-have for most companies, but many businesses have toned down their impact on the environment through green practices. Here's how eco-friendly devices, managed print partnerships, paperless workflows, and sustainable office policies can help your company tread a little more softly on our planet.

Green Machines

Did you know that holding onto old copiers and printers is worse for the environment than upgrading? Here's why:

  • Energy usage— Old equipment requires much more power to operate, and new copiers come ready-made to use less energy. Features like automatic standby and programmable wake-up and sleep modes substantially reduce power consumption.
  • Paper consumption— The latest copiers include features like automatic duplexing, pull-printing, and print preview that make it easier for employees to reduce paper consumption.
  • Multifunction systems— These four-in-one multifunction copiers combine the functions of four stand-alone technologies into one device to save on energy and consumables.

Managed Print Services

Are you using more paper and energy than you should? A Managed Print Services assessment can provide the numbers along with solutions to cut back on usage. Did we mention you'll also save up to 30% on your current print spend and improve productivity throughout your organization?

Document Management

Paper may still play a valuable role in your organization, but if you're relying on paper documents for your core business processes, it's time for a change. Electronic document management solutions capture, convert, distribute, and store information digitally via scanning features on multifunction copiers. The green benefits are substantial:

  • Digital documents don't rely on traditional printing or copying
  • Document management systems require virtually no physical storage space
  • By eliminating the need for most hardcopy documents, businesses naturally use less paper, toner, and energy

Are you meeting your green office goals? Get in touch with us at Segue Systems today to learn more today!

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