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Managing Print to Increase Efficiency

Creating, editing, printing, and copying documents represent a much larger investment of time and money than most realize. By refining the entire work cycle of document creation, you can unlock new levels of efficiency in your enterprise. Schedule a printing assessment today and let Segue Systems show you the impressive productivity gains you can achieve with the power of Xerox managed print solutions.

How Managed Print Solutions Can Help

The big idea with MPS is that we align your print environment with your business objectives. Xerox managed print solutions offer a comprehensive approach to the management of your organization’s document processes. Each element works together to squeeze the inefficiency out of your system to promote lean, focused operations. We begin with a printing assessment to analyse the way your company’s printing is done now and to identify where time and resources are being wasted. We then make recommendations on numbers, types, and arrangement of printer assets to boost productivity.

Some of the benefits of employing managed print solutions could include:

  • Reduced printing costs
  • Fewer printed pages
  • Fewer administrative burdens thanks to innovations such as automatic resupply
  • Internal IT savings due to absence of printer-related technical support responsibilities
  • Streamlined billing
  • Active monitoring of printer health and proactive implementation of repairs

How Does it Work

Xerox actually pioneered the managed print concept over 20 years ago.  Our proven methodology delivers value in four stages:

  1. Assess- We perform a current-state assessment on your print environment.  We start with a look at your business goals and priorities. Then, we look at your print environment.  This involves a close examination of three areas:
    1. The print environment- An audit that discovers all of your printers to include a map of the environment, the various functions on each printer, the print volumes, utilization rates, operating costs each printer, and other data.
    2. The processes- We take a look at the various processes that you do that support your print environment and the challenges associated with them.  This includes your supplies management process, cost-recovery, break-fix, help desk support, procurement, and invoicing.
    3. The user requirements- We ensure that we understand the various print requirements for office users and power users like marketing

  2. Design- We design an optimized print environment that takes into account your business needs for cost reduction and need to ensure users have what they need to get their jobs done.  This plan leverages existing print assets and new devices if needed. May times, reduction of local printers is part of this plan.
  3. Implement- We coordinate moving of existing devices and implement new devices if needed. We also train the users to ensure they know how to get the most out of the print environment. We also provide change management strategies to ease the transition of services we will take over from the client to allow them to focus on their business.
  4. Manage- This phase is where the value kicks in.  We manage your print environment for you while your support staff focuses on core issues.  Regular Account Reviews ensure that your print environment is aligned with your changing business.

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