3 Management Solutions from Xerox Managed Print

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Managed print services are all about management—managing devices, supplies, workflows, and users. If you've left your print environment to fend for itself, you're paying for the lack of oversight. It's time to look into professional management with Xerox Managed Print.

Here's how managed print professionals lower costs, boost productivity, and improve the way your copiers and printers perform.

1. Device Management

Managing a printer fleet requires continual oversight, and it's easy to fall into a crisis management mode. Instead of waiting for your equipment to break down, managed print providers monitor the health of your fleet. With their proactive approach to maintenance and repairs, your workgroup will be relieved of the frustrations caused by downtime and insufficient technical support.

2. Supply Management

With everyone (or no one) managing your supplies, things can get out of hand very quickly. Remote managed print solutions monitor toner levels and ship the right supplies when they're required. You'll pay less in the long run and avoid the hassles of managing on-site supply inventories.

3. User Management

At the user level, managed print provides an array of beneficial services.

  • Accountability — Do your employees know your preferences when it comes to color printing? How about personal use of company copiers and printers? Managed print provides clear guidelines and easy-to-use print management solutions to control wasteful printing and keep costs down.
  • Training — Are there features on your multifunction copiers that no one is using? Managed print experts train employees, so you get the most value from your equipment.
  • Workflows — An optimized print environment makes every day a more productive day for your employees, and that's a benefit you'll see in your bottom line, too.

Are you getting the best value from your print environment? Contact us at Segue Systems to learn more about Xerox Managed Print Solutions today!

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