Reasons to Buy Office Equipment from an Independent Dealer


Choosing between local businesses and large, multinational companies can be a hard choice. However, there are some important things to know about local, independent office machine dealers that could help you to make this important choice.


A Perfect Match: Choosing the Right Copiers

matching puzzle pieces

It's not easy to choose the right copiers when there are so many options available, so many variables to consider, and so much on the line. After all, copiers are an important investment--you want to make sure you've got one that fits your needs. Luckily, with these simple tips, it's easier than ever to find that perfect match.


Organize Your Classroom With Help From Your Copiers!

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Do you ever start making copies and then wonder how you're supposed to stay organized with all these extra pieces of paper cluttering up your classroom? The truth is that copiers can either work for you or against you when it comes to organization--so here are a few tips to make sure your copiers are always on your side!


How to Read a Copier Lease

Leasing a printer for your office

In companies of all shapes and sizes, loyal copiers are part of daily life. They're part of every workflow, used by every team, and trusted to get all kinds of jobs done--but before you can enjoy those benefits, you have to actually get the copier! Today, we'll help you do that by explaining some basic tips for reading copier leases.


3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Multifunction Copier

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Have you been wondering whether your small business needs access to in-house copiers? With paperless initiatives gaining ground and a local copy printing company within driving distance, it's possible to do without in-house copiers. But let's take a look at the opportunities you'll have if you decide to add one or more multifunction copiers to your office technology fleet.


Why Your Local Dealer is Your Best Source for New Copiers

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We've all experienced the frustration of purchasing goods from out of the area only to find a problem with the item. Either it's not what we expected, or the product is damaged in some way. Perhaps we're not sure how to use it properly. Whatever the case, the type of support that can be offered over a long distance is often inadequate.


When to Let Go of an Aging Copier

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As an office copier ages, it can be difficult to determine whether you should continue to make repairs when issues arise or if it is time to upgrade to a new device. And while we could tell the different kinds of wear-and-tear that your copier might be experiencing to diagnose if it is time to move on, we have a solution that is even better, that will impact many facets of your print environment.


Getting Employees To Buy Into New Technology

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Technology is always taking new leaps to help businesses operate in more efficient and cost-effective ways. What is difficult about modern technology is encouraging employees to leave behind preferred technology that they have experience with. We humans don’t always love change, so the thought of having to learn a new computer or copier can result in resistance from employees.


When to Upgrade Your Copier


One of the most useful and critical factors to your office is your copier. Your copier is a communication hub for all the documents and data for your business. But knowing when it is time to replace a copier can be a tricky thing because it might be functional and investing in a new device comes with expenses.


Are Your Copiers a Security Threat?

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Most of us think of computers and networks as the only systems vulnerable to hackers. This attitude can be a costly mistake to make, however, and some companies have learned the hard way that unsecured copiers can give hackers a backdoor into otherwise secure systems.

Are Your Copiers Secure?

Poor document security on copiers is an ongoing issue, and businesses have reason to be concerned. Here's what your company can do to mitigate your print-related security risks.

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