Worried about Security? A Xerox Partnership Can Make the Difference

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How secure is your company's network? Have you doubled-down on your practices and made sure your printers and multifunction copiers are secure? Xerox knows what's at stake and they've made tremendous strides in print security in recent years. But first, let's talk about why a security event is bad for your company.

Bad for Business

It's not difficult to come up with a long list of reasons why a security breach is bad for your business. For starters, the cost of recovering your data and restoring your network could be enough to bankrupt your company. If you do manage to survive the financial fallout, your reputation will also be in serious trouble. You can throw money at polishing up your image and restoring customer confidence, but no matter how much humble pie you're willing to eat, the process is going to take time. Whether you can weather the storm for as long as it takes to get back in business is a question only you can answer, and you could be wrong.

A Better Way Forward

Fortunately, you're not on an island, and Xerox has made it their business to protect your business. Here's a look at a few of their latest achievements.

  • Common Criteria Certification — Xerox met the National Information Assurance Partnership stringent security qualifications to receive this coveted certification for imaging equipment.
  • Xerox-McAfee Solutions — Worried about risky apps? Whitelisting technology filters out any apps not included on the list. Audit logs and alerts let administrators know when someone attempts to perform unsanctioned activities or replace applications. ePolicy Orchestrator helps system administrators include Xerox printers in their security processes and keeps the firmware up to date.

By working together with industry leaders like Xerox and Segue Systems, you can rest assured that your network and your information is in good hands. Contact us to learn more today!

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