Organize Your Classroom With Help From Your Copiers!

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Do you ever start making copies and then wonder how you're supposed to stay organized with all these extra pieces of paper cluttering up your classroom? The truth is that copiers can either work for you or against you when it comes to organization--so here are a few tips to make sure your copiers are always on your side!

Clever Copying

Copiers may be a powerful, reliable tool for any setting--especially a classroom--but it's difficult to deny that they can add to clutter. After all, their job is to take one piece of paper and turn it into more pieces of paper. Luckily, once you brush up on a few clever copying and organizing tips, it's easier than ever to make sure that your copiers help rather than hurt you.

Let's get started!

Tip #1: Organize records by type.

Copiers are a great tool for keeping efficient, secure records--as long as you don't get overwhelmed. It's important to split your records up by type so that you can keep them separate. For example, you'll want to keep records of grades, attendance, and homework, but these should all be separated appropriately.

Tip #2: Use copiers to create lesson plans.

Creating lesson plans is a great way to stay organized so you always know what you need and when you need it. The only thing better than one lesson plan is multiple copies of your lesson plan so that you have backups, places to take notes, and something to reference if questions come up.

Tip #3: Communicate.

Copiers can help you communicate just about anything. Need to explain your attendance policy? Want to send grades home with your students? Trying to keep up with homework? Copiers are there to help you create these records and get them into the right hands so that everyone's on the same page.

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