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Mistakes People Make With Their Document Security

Mistakes People Make With Their Document Security

Document security is on the minds of most people these days, both personally and within their businesses. Here are some of the common mistakes that people make so you can avoid them yourself.

Not Making Clear Policies With Regard to Sensitive Data

Policies with regard to payroll are more commonplace but you may have a lot of other sensitive data that is not being handled appropriately.

Top 3 IT Services Myths Debunked

Top 3 IT Services Myths Debunked | Segue Systems Calgary

There are several myths surrounding managed IT services, and it's time they were put to rest. These myths often dissuade companies from choose a solution that could save them money, time, and stress, and are ultimately untrue. Let's tackle a few of the top myths.

How to Keep Your Business Secure

How to Keep Your Business Secure | Segue Systems Canada

Today's business world is changing at a break-neck speed, due mostly to the rapidly developing technologies we use. It's an exciting time to be in business, but it's also a risky time given the constantly evolving security threats. As fast as the Internet and technology change, so do the threats that come along with it.

Keeping Your Information Safe in the Information Age

Keeping Your Information Safe in the Information Age | Segue Systems

Most companies are investing in big data collection and organization, and it's paying off in equally big ways. Big data can change the way we think about our customers, making decisions more effective and profit margins higher.

But don't think that your big data collection is safe from outside threats. As the internet grows, so do the threats that come down the wire. With new hackers, spammers, and social engineering tactics popping up every day, you can't be caught off guard. Here's how you can keep your data protected.

Check Off Security

Check Off Security | Cyber Crimes Canada

As our world has shifted to operating businesses through financial transactions online, so have the potential threats shifted. You can no longer hire a security guard and call things protected. Protection against cyber crimes is needed. Cybercriminal gangs target computers and small businesses with low internet security.

Have you done everything you can to secure your office against cyber crime? Let's find out.

A Guide to Check Your Security

Here are several questions to give you a feel for where you are at in guiding your office into safer waters.

Cyber Security Matters

Cyber Security Matters | Segue Systems Edmonton

Each month more cyber security breaches occur. This is a leading problem in the office since data is such a huge part of work activity. A company is at risk from both exterior and interior sources.

The internal side of a company needs protection by cyber security. IT security provides a safeguard for both the data transmitted within and the data outside of the network. Data at rest needs protections such as access controls, awareness controls, training, risk assessment and constant monitoring.

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