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Top 3 Benefits of Investing in Mobile Printing Solutions

Mobile Printing Solutions for your copiers and all in one printers

Mobile printers are portable, compact, and enable printing wirelessly from most devices such as tablets and smartphones. Some of the top advantages of investing in mobile printing solutions include running your business more smoothly and increasing efficiency and production, which can significantly improve your bottom line. Depending on your industry, there are various advantages of mobile printing. Keep reading to discover the top three benefits.

The Truth Behind Mobile Printing Security

The Truth Behind Mobile Printing Security | Segue Systems

Recent advances in technology have been great for the workplace. However, as good as this technology is, new threats have been opened up, especially when it comes to mobile printing solutions. Employees can print documents right from their phones, and if malware is on that phone, then your company information could be stolen. Here are a couple ways to keep your data secure.

Mobile Printing Solutions Offer More Than Just Printing

Mobile Printing Solutions Offer More Than Just Printing | Segue Systems

Do you run a company with employees who are always on the go? When your employees need to be able to work from wherever they are, they must be able to print from anywhere as well. Mobile printing is the newest advancement in the workforce, and your company could likely benefit.

Utilizing Mobile Printing in a BYOD Era

Utilizing Mobile Printing in a BYOD Era | Segue Systems Edmonton

With an increase in employee mobility and greater efficiency with the access of information anytime and anywhere, there is a greater expectation for device functionality. When companies standardize or employees bring their own devices, it is common to forget that there is also a great need for mobile printing. The key to employee mobility and productivity is mobile printing.

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