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4 Traditional Business Practices That Don't Work in Today's World

4 Traditional Business Practices That Don't Work in Today's World

Everyone's talking about how to be more productive these days—we're all working overtime to keep up with the speed of this modern world. But there are several traditional business practices that don't fit today's modern world. Smash that together with the constant barrages from the technological world—emails coming in, dinging reminders on your phone, instant messages, text messages, tweets, phone calls—and you have a productivity train wreck.

Productivity Hacks for the Modern Office

How can you salvage your modern workweek from the modern world? Here's how.

Manage Costs with Cloud Computing

Manage Costs with Cloud Computing | Segue Systems Calgary

As with most business practices, cloud computing is less about whether you do it than how you do it. Although we encourage most businesses to embrace the power of the cloud, we also can't stress enough that taking the right approach is crucial.

So what is the right approach to cloud computing? It all comes down to choosing superior performance and reducing overall costs.

How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Business

How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Business  | Cost Reduction Canada

Everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket these days. This may explain a new phenomenon that companies are noticing more frequently than ever: mobile devices are now the front door to the Internet. If you have a business website (which you know you should), you've probably already experienced this. According to most estimates, a little over half of all digital media is now consumed using a mobile device.

Cost Reduction Tips: Printing

Cost Reduction Tips: Printing | Segue Systems Canada

Cost reduction is a huge part a company's goals. It's important to be aware of how to save money even in the smallest of tasks- like printing from the internet. Employees are printing from the internet more and more. Printing from a web browser can be a necessary activity but it often ends up involving a lot of waste. Blank pages and pages with irrelevant content are often included with the article or info that was needed. Little by little, this costs big in the area of toner, ink and paper usage. How can you print more efficiently from your Google, Chrome and Internet Explore browsers?

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