Get More from Your Copiers with Managed Print

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Your printers and copiers are essential to your operations, and so is their management. When businesses don't outsource print infrastructure management with Xerox Managed Print Solutions or service agreements, print-related issues often fall to IT personnel. In most cases, this is not the best approach. Here's why.


Xerox SMARTSeries Solutions Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

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With print security and workplace efficiency top priorities for companies in the coming year, savvy business leaders are looking to their Xerox copiers for solutions. Read on to discover how Xerox SMARTSeries technology solutions can help your company succeed in 2018.


Why Your Start-Up Needs a Multifunction Copier


Starting a new business means careful investing, and most of your capital will be tied up in core business projects. Office space and equipment are also an essential part of the equation.

Even if your company is committed to paperless processes, you'll want to invest in a multifunction system. Here's why you need one, and how to find the right device to meet your particular requirements.


Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Copier?

buy or lease

Leasing is a popular option for acquiring new office equipment, especially with rapidly changing technology. If your copiers and printers are out of date, you're missing out on the latest powerful workflow solutions.

Lease or Buy?

A decision to lease or purchase your copiers can be based on several factors. Here are the most common pros and cons.


A User's Guide to Common Copier Issues

Copier Issues

We've all been in situations when we desperately need to print a document, and the device ignores our request. Before you give into frustration and throw your copiers in the recycling bin, check out our troubleshooting guide first.

The Obvious Issues

We know you're aware of these common problems and their fixes, but when a deadline is approaching fast, it's easy to overlook the obvious. Here's our short list of "I knew that" fixes.


Black and White Laser Copiers

Enjoy Speed and Efficiency With Black and White Laser Copiers

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