Colour Laser Printers

How to Choose the Right Printer

All in One Printers and Colour Laser Printers

You need an all-in-one printer that will grow with your company, but you don’t want to pay for features you don’t need, either. Consider who will be using the printer and what they will use it for. A general rule of thumb is that the more people who use the printer, the more capacity, functions and speed you will need.

Bells and Whistles

Today’s multifunction printer offers several features not previously available in one machine. Here are some things to consider in getting the printer that’s right for you:

Choosing Between Colour or Black and White Printing

Choosing Between Colour or Black and White Printing | Segue Systems

When you’re considering a small business printer, one of the questions you need to answer is whether you want colour or black and white printing. It’s not always an obvious decision, but if you know what sort of materials you’ll be printing most, this should help you select your personal printer. Here are some things to think about before you buy your multifunction printer.

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