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Best Office Copiers for Small Businesses

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Even with the focus on digital files, most offices still use physical paperwork so a reliable copier is essential. There are a number of small business copiers available and some of the best choices come from Xerox, a company with a long history in the office equipment industry. Installing one of these desktop copiers can make your business more efficient without compromising your space or budget.

Does Your Office Need a Standalone Copier?

Does Your Office Need a Standalone Copier? | Segue Systems Calgary

Copying is one of the most basic clerical tasks, and office copiers continue to serve a purpose. The question is whether you need a device that only does copies. For a less basic machine, look into all in one printers, which can handle all your copying needs while covering other key functions as well.

3 Common Printer Purchasing Mistakes

3 Common Printer Purchasing Mistakes

It may seem fairly straight-forward to purchase a new copier, but it can be significantly difficult, in fact. Finding the right printer is an important task, and shouldn't be taken lightly. 

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