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How to Choose Between Inkjet and Laser Printers

Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, and All in One Printers

Picking the right equipment for your office can impact your office productivity and the efficiency of your processes. When your printer doesn’t serve your business, you may find that people work slower or are unable to complete tasks on time. But how do you know what printer to choose when there are so many options?

Best Office Copiers for Small Businesses

Edmonton Copiers

Even with the focus on digital files, most offices still use physical paperwork so a reliable copier is essential. There are a number of small business copiers available and some of the best choices come from Xerox, a company with a long history in the office equipment industry. Installing one of these desktop copiers can make your business more efficient without compromising your space or budget.

Using Multifunction Printers to Simplify the Job Process

Using Multifunction Printers to Simplify the Job Process

Many of us have been there: Your need to create a sophisticated copy job featuring various types of originals, different color requirements and maybe even varying sizes. Can your current multifunction printers handle the job? New printer innovations care of Xerox can make asking that question a thing of the past.

Document Scanning in Calgary and Edmonton

Your Multifunction Printer Does More Than You Think

Your Multifunction Printer Does More Than You Think | Segue Systems

Your multifunction, mobile printer does more than simply “print”. Rather, your printer allows you to print from mobile devices, scan to the cloud, and email.

Let’s Talk About Email

Your multifunction printer allows you to email from the device. When you scan a document, simply select the option to “email” and send your document.

Benefits of a Wireless Printer

Benefits of a Wireless Printer

If you are thinking about getting a wireless printer for your organization, then you might be wondering whether having one will actually help anything. Wireless printers have a number of surprising and useful benefits—here are a few of the best.

Which Printer is Better? Laser vs. Inkjet

Which Printer is Better? Laser vs. Inkjet | Segue Systems Calgary

There are pros and cons to both laser and inkjet printers, and determining which is right for you is essential to increased productivity. Both have different approaches and are appropriate for different needs.

Determining Your Printing Needs

  1. Initial Costs Involved: Although laser and inkjet printers cost about the same, it is good to keep in mind that they have different printing capacities. Inkjet models can print color pages and laser only prints black and white pages.

The Printer Upgrade that Multifunctions

The Printer Upgrade that Multifunctions | Segue Systems Canada

A multifunction machine is a stately and professional piece of equipment, and it's probably crossed your mind that your office can't afford one right now. Surely your array of printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners will do the job just fine. The powerful and efficient multifunction machine may send off the vibe that it's too much of an upgrade for you, but in reality your business can afford it because of all that it can save you. It's an investment worth making because it will help you save on space and energy, and can also provide advanced printing features.

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