Document Management Success Begins With Training

employee training

A document management solution can bring new levels of productivity to every department in your business. With benefits like greater efficiency, improved document security and lower costs, document management is a powerful business tool.

Even so, some businesses discover that the benefits don't materialize as expected. Read on to find out how next-level employee training and buy-in is critical to a successful document management strategy.

Xerox SMARTSeries Solutions Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

secure print

With print security and workplace efficiency top priorities for companies in the coming year, savvy business leaders are looking to their Xerox copiers for solutions. Read on to discover how Xerox SMARTSeries technology solutions can help your company succeed in 2018.


3 Tips for Reducing Your Print Spend

helpful tips

As a small business owner, you're always on the lookout for new ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality. What many business leaders don't realize is that an unmanaged print infrastructure is often a source of hidden expenses. If your printing costs are too high, consider these tips for bringing them under control.

How Xerox Meets the Challenges of the Modern Office


Your company may be reaching toward an entirely digital office, but don't give up on your printers and copiers just yet. Read on to discover how Xerox multifunction copiers can serve as both your paperless office and your printing solution in the coming years.


Is Document Management Right for Your Organization?


If you've heard the buzz surrounding electronic document management, you may be wondering if it's a good fit for your company. Rocking the boat by implementing an entirely new process is always risky, and you want to be sure before you commit to something new.

Read on to find out why so many businesses just like yours have decided that document management is well worth the investment.

Why Your Start-Up Needs a Multifunction Copier


Starting a new business means careful investing, and most of your capital will be tied up in core business projects. Office space and equipment are also an essential part of the equation.

Even if your company is committed to paperless processes, you'll want to invest in a multifunction system. Here's why you need one, and how to find the right device to meet your particular requirements.


Mitigate Security Risks With Managed Print


Can your organization live without a managed print engagement? Sure, but why would you want to take the risk?

The hard facts are that an unmanaged print environment puts your company at risk of print-related security breaches every single day. Even if you've tasked a staff member with print security duty, if they're not trained by industry experts, they're likely to miss something.

That's what we mean by risk.

Introducing User-Friendly Xerox Secure Print

secure print

Xerox Secure Print is another feature in the Xerox line-up to help businesses keep sensitive information from falling into the hands of unauthorized users. Secure Print is easy to deploy and is a great tool to add to your company's print policy.


Don't Let Paper-Based Systems Hold You Back

stack of paper

Have you looked into the benefits of electronic document management for your company? If you're still relying on paper-based business processes, you may be undermining your business's ability to compete in an increasingly digital commerce infrastructure.

Is Paper Holding You Back?

From storage costs to missing information, paper-based processes aren't adding value to your business. Here's why:

Should You Lease or Buy Your Next Copier?

buy or lease

Leasing is a popular option for acquiring new office equipment, especially with rapidly changing technology. If your copiers and printers are out of date, you're missing out on the latest powerful workflow solutions.

Lease or Buy?

A decision to lease or purchase your copiers can be based on several factors. Here are the most common pros and cons.

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