Are Your Copiers Secure?


As information passes through your internal processes, much of it is funneled through devices. From laptops and PCs to smartphones and tablets, data is being collected on a continual basis. Your copiers are no exception.


Managed Print Assistance for the Way You Work Today

managed print

A great managed print program should work quietly in the background while you concentrate on the business at hand. It should also offer visibility into your print environment, so you know what's going on.

Here's how the right managed print engagement can deliver outstanding service and savings to your business.

Simplify Mobile Printing with Xerox Mobile Print


Has your company developed a mobile print strategy? Choosing the right solution for your staff without compromising security depends on your requirements and expectations. Here's how Xerox Mobile Print solves the dilemma of finding a comprehensive mobile print solution.


Protect Your Business Assets with Document Management

document management

Have you prepared your business for disaster? Or perhaps more to the point, have you prepared your documents for disaster? Your business isn't made up of bricks, furnishings, and product inventories—all of which are likely insured and replaceable. Businesses run on their collective knowledge and the pooled talent of their leadership and staff.

Why a Copier from an Authorised Xerox Dealer is the Better Choice


Discount stores are everywhere, and most of us take advantage of them at least some of the time. We like discount furniture and discount clothing, and those long aisles of culinary delights at our local warehouse store are admittedly pretty great.

A "Not-So-Great" Discount

There is a limit to what one should pick up at a discount store, however, and one of these is a copier. Here's why the copiers at a big box retailer are a not-so-great choice for your business.


How Managed Print Helps Law Firms Recover Costs

managed print

Managed print is a service that helps businesses reduce costs and printing waste, increase print-related efficiency, and get more value from their printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines. For document-intensive organizations like law firms, the benefits are invaluable.

Work Smarter with Xerox ConnectKey Apps

work smarter

Your Xerox multifunction printer with ConnectKey Technology works in sync with the Xerox App Gallery and software to make work easier, faster, and more intuitive. If you've never tried ConnectKey Technology and ConnectKey Apps, you'll want to have a second look at these powerful workflow-enhancing tools.


3 Essential Advantages of Document Management

document management

Managing paper documents can be an organizational nightmare, but when electronic documents multiply, the problem is even worse. Electronic documentation now outpaces paper, and businesses must use a structured document management system or risk losing valuable information.

3 Ways to Go Green in the Office

go green

Copiers are a must-have for most companies, but many businesses have toned down their impact on the environment through green practices. Here's how eco-friendly devices, managed print partnerships, paperless workflows, and sustainable office policies can help your company tread a little more softly on our planet.

Green Machines

Did you know that holding onto old copiers and printers is worse for the environment than upgrading? Here's why:


3 Ways to Know if Your Business Needs Managed Print Services

managed print

Printing is such an ordinary part of everyday business operations that many business leaders overlook it as a possible drain on revenues. That's not a great idea, and managed print assessments are known to reveal print spends nearly as high as labor costs and rent.

Fortunately, a properly managed print environment isn't difficult to achieve, and even with the costs absorbed by outsourcing the task, a lower print spend is a very real possibility.

To find out how your print costs line up with your revenues, ask these questions:

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