Government Agencies Improve Their Processes with Document Management

document management

Government agencies handle thousands of documents each day, many of them confidential and irreplaceable. As document management solutions become more sophisticated and secure, government agencies can benefit by scanning and storing information in the cloud. Here's how an electronic document management solution can increase efficiency, improve daily processes, and make critical documents more secure.

Take Work to the Next Level with Xerox Copiers

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Are your copiers the best in their class? If you're tired of settling for inadequate performance, why not go with a winner? The Xerox AltaLink 38055 Color Multifunction Copier was selected as the 2017 CRN overall winner in its category. Here are just a few reasons why you'll want to investigate further.


Why Wait for a Crisis? Try Managed Print Instead!

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How much time does your team spend managing printers and copiers? No matter how you accomplish the task, it's clear that your printer fleet must be managed in some form, but the job is often an afterthought. Unfortunately, this waiting-for-a-crisis approach can cause printing expenses to spiral out of control. There is a better way, however, and it begins with finding out where you stand.

Go Green and Save Money with Xerox

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Going green in your office is a responsible way to help the planet, but did you know it provides a full line-up of benefits for your business too? Here's how sustainable office practices can help your organization succeed.

You'll reduce your operating costs.

Whenever a business process wastes a resource, it's also wasting money. Since going green is all about reducing waste, saving money is a natural outcome of a commitment to conserve the planet's resources.

Let's take a look at some green solutions that translate directly to savings.


Industry-Specific Document Management Advantages

document management

One of the most essential strategies in successful document management is customisation. At its core, document management is designed to improve document-centric workflows, closing gaps and eliminating bottlenecks and pain points.

By viewing your document management solution as a base from which you'll build a customised solution for your business and industry, you'll end up with a more successful strategy in the long run.

Are Your Copiers Secure?


As information passes through your internal processes, much of it is funneled through devices. From laptops and PCs to smartphones and tablets, data is being collected on a continual basis. Your copiers are no exception.


Managed Print Assistance for the Way You Work Today

managed print

A great managed print program should work quietly in the background while you concentrate on the business at hand. It should also offer visibility into your print environment, so you know what's going on.

Here's how the right managed print engagement can deliver outstanding service and savings to your business.

Simplify Mobile Printing with Xerox Mobile Print


Has your company developed a mobile print strategy? Choosing the right solution for your staff without compromising security depends on your requirements and expectations. Here's how Xerox Mobile Print solves the dilemma of finding a comprehensive mobile print solution.


Protect Your Business Assets with Document Management

document management

Have you prepared your business for disaster? Or perhaps more to the point, have you prepared your documents for disaster? Your business isn't made up of bricks, furnishings, and product inventories—all of which are likely insured and replaceable. Businesses run on their collective knowledge and the pooled talent of their leadership and staff.

Why a Copier from an Authorised Xerox Dealer is the Better Choice


Discount stores are everywhere, and most of us take advantage of them at least some of the time. We like discount furniture and discount clothing, and those long aisles of culinary delights at our local warehouse store are admittedly pretty great.

A "Not-So-Great" Discount

There is a limit to what one should pick up at a discount store, however, and one of these is a copier. Here's why the copiers at a big box retailer are a not-so-great choice for your business.

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