MFP Security Improvements

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With data breaches reaching some of the most high profile companies in recent years, businesses and technology providers have scrambled to create security measures to combat threats to data storage. While obvious targets have included computers and the software required to protect them, less obvious office equipment like multifunction printers (MFPs) have also required new levels of attention.


How Making the Switch to Document Management Benefits Small Businesses

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Are you paying employees to trudge through paperwork every day? Many small companies rely on paper documents to drive their processes, but with electronic document management solutions for every possible type and size of business, there's no good reason to pass up the benefits.

Are Your Copiers a Security Threat?

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Most of us think of computers and networks as the only systems vulnerable to hackers. This attitude can be a costly mistake to make, however, and some companies have learned the hard way that unsecured copiers can give hackers a backdoor into otherwise secure systems.

Are Your Copiers Secure?

Poor document security on copiers is an ongoing issue, and businesses have reason to be concerned. Here's what your company can do to mitigate your print-related security risks.


Managed Print Services—A Track Record of Success

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Are you looking for solutions to reduce your company's operating costs? Instead of wasting time conducting endless meetings on the topic, why not try managed print services? For the average company, print spending pencils out at around 1% to 3% of annual revenues and is third in line after rent and payroll. With so much to gain, managed print services could provide critical financial benefits for your organization.

Clearing a Message on Your Xerox Multifunction Copier


Clearing a message or error code on your Xerox system is often a simple matter of following through with the request. A message may tell you there's a problem with a paper tray or that you're low on toner. Occasionally, correcting the issue doesn't clear the message. Here's what you can try to get back on track.

  1. Repeat the requested process. If the message told you a door or cover wasn't closed, for example, try opening and closing it again.


Government Agencies Improve Their Processes with Document Management

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Government agencies handle thousands of documents each day, many of them confidential and irreplaceable. As document management solutions become more sophisticated and secure, government agencies can benefit by scanning and storing information in the cloud. Here's how an electronic document management solution can increase efficiency, improve daily processes, and make critical documents more secure.

Take Work to the Next Level with Xerox Copiers

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Are your copiers the best in their class? If you're tired of settling for inadequate performance, why not go with a winner? The Xerox AltaLink 38055 Color Multifunction Copier was selected as the 2017 CRN overall winner in its category. Here are just a few reasons why you'll want to investigate further.


Why Wait for a Crisis? Try Managed Print Instead!

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How much time does your team spend managing printers and copiers? No matter how you accomplish the task, it's clear that your printer fleet must be managed in some form, but the job is often an afterthought. Unfortunately, this waiting-for-a-crisis approach can cause printing expenses to spiral out of control. There is a better way, however, and it begins with finding out where you stand.

Go Green and Save Money with Xerox

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Going green in your office is a responsible way to help the planet, but did you know it provides a full line-up of benefits for your business too? Here's how sustainable office practices can help your organization succeed.

You'll reduce your operating costs.

Whenever a business process wastes a resource, it's also wasting money. Since going green is all about reducing waste, saving money is a natural outcome of a commitment to conserve the planet's resources.

Let's take a look at some green solutions that translate directly to savings.


Industry-Specific Document Management Advantages

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One of the most essential strategies in successful document management is customisation. At its core, document management is designed to improve document-centric workflows, closing gaps and eliminating bottlenecks and pain points.

By viewing your document management solution as a base from which you'll build a customised solution for your business and industry, you'll end up with a more successful strategy in the long run.

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