Controlling Print Associated Costs

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Developing and maintaining an effective printing process can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. Unless you are a printing expert, decisions you make about equipment, supplies, and procedures can be blind shots in the dark that you hope to work well. The danger of self-designing your print process is less efficiency and more costs – something most businesses cannot afford to get wrong.

Green Marketing and Cartridge Recycling

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Taking care of the economy is a growing value in our society as people seek ways to best preserve the world around us. Many people intentionally look for eco-friendly businesses to work in industries that deal with reusable materials. If companies desire to gain an edge over their competition, they should seek to market their green services to prove themselves an ethical business to do work with.


Securing Scanned and Printed Documents

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Leaked documents present severe issues to your business. When precious business and personal information is leaked, companies and individuals alike pay the consequences. Not to mention, when information leaks, now begins the witch hunt to determine how the document was leaked and how to prevent further breaches.

When to Upgrade Your Copier


One of the most useful and critical factors to your office is your copier. Your copier is a communication hub for all the documents and data for your business. But knowing when it is time to replace a copier can be a tricky thing because it might be functional and investing in a new device comes with expenses.


Managed Print: More than a Convenience

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The chatter that often surrounds managed print services is based around the convenience it is for businesses. And while managed print is undoubtedly a valuable convenience, the benefits are far more than convenience, resulting in saved time, resources, and ultimately, money.

Here are several ways that managed print services can improve office efficiency and reduce costs:

MFP Security Improvements

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With data breaches reaching some of the most high profile companies in recent years, businesses and technology providers have scrambled to create security measures to combat threats to data storage. While obvious targets have included computers and the software required to protect them, less obvious office equipment like multifunction printers (MFPs) have also required new levels of attention.


How Making the Switch to Document Management Benefits Small Businesses

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Are you paying employees to trudge through paperwork every day? Many small companies rely on paper documents to drive their processes, but with electronic document management solutions for every possible type and size of business, there's no good reason to pass up the benefits.

Are Your Copiers a Security Threat?

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Most of us think of computers and networks as the only systems vulnerable to hackers. This attitude can be a costly mistake to make, however, and some companies have learned the hard way that unsecured copiers can give hackers a backdoor into otherwise secure systems.

Are Your Copiers Secure?

Poor document security on copiers is an ongoing issue, and businesses have reason to be concerned. Here's what your company can do to mitigate your print-related security risks.


Managed Print Services—A Track Record of Success

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Are you looking for solutions to reduce your company's operating costs? Instead of wasting time conducting endless meetings on the topic, why not try managed print services? For the average company, print spending pencils out at around 1% to 3% of annual revenues and is third in line after rent and payroll. With so much to gain, managed print services could provide critical financial benefits for your organization.

Clearing a Message on Your Xerox Multifunction Copier


Clearing a message or error code on your Xerox system is often a simple matter of following through with the request. A message may tell you there's a problem with a paper tray or that you're low on toner. Occasionally, correcting the issue doesn't clear the message. Here's what you can try to get back on track.

  1. Repeat the requested process. If the message told you a door or cover wasn't closed, for example, try opening and closing it again.

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