When to Let Go of an Aging Copier

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As an office copier ages, it can be difficult to determine whether you should continue to make repairs when issues arise or if it is time to upgrade to a new device. And while we could tell the different kinds of wear-and-tear that your copier might be experiencing to diagnose if it is time to move on, we have a solution that is even better, that will impact many facets of your print environment.


Managed Print 101

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If you have recently been introduced to Managed Print Services and want to learn more, you are in the right place. Today we will discuss the basics of Managed Print Services, which is often referred to as “MPS.” The fundamental question we will seek to answer today is, “How does Managed Print work and how does it benefit your business?”

What MPS Will Do For Your Business


Every small business owner has a list of priorities and goals to accomplish to see the company succeed. One of those goals is innovative practices that lead to productivity from employees and workflows. Another goal is to cut costs where possible, yet remain as efficient as before. These goals are reached through the benefits you receive with Managed Print Services (MPS).


3 Document Management Tips to Streamline Your Business

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If you run a small business, every system in your office needs to be fine-tuned to be as productive and cost-effective as possible. There’s never a wrong time to assess the processes you’re business relies on that includes ensuring that your document management procedures are up to par.

Here are a few tips to streamline document management in your office:

Getting Employees To Buy Into New Technology

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Technology is always taking new leaps to help businesses operate in more efficient and cost-effective ways. What is difficult about modern technology is encouraging employees to leave behind preferred technology that they have experience with. We humans don’t always love change, so the thought of having to learn a new computer or copier can result in resistance from employees.


Controlling Print Associated Costs

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Developing and maintaining an effective printing process can be expensive, time-consuming, and confusing. Unless you are a printing expert, decisions you make about equipment, supplies, and procedures can be blind shots in the dark that you hope to work well. The danger of self-designing your print process is less efficiency and more costs – something most businesses cannot afford to get wrong.

Green Marketing and Cartridge Recycling

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Taking care of the economy is a growing value in our society as people seek ways to best preserve the world around us. Many people intentionally look for eco-friendly businesses to work in industries that deal with reusable materials. If companies desire to gain an edge over their competition, they should seek to market their green services to prove themselves an ethical business to do work with.


Securing Scanned and Printed Documents

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Leaked documents present severe issues to your business. When precious business and personal information is leaked, companies and individuals alike pay the consequences. Not to mention, when information leaks, now begins the witch hunt to determine how the document was leaked and how to prevent further breaches.

When to Upgrade Your Copier


One of the most useful and critical factors to your office is your copier. Your copier is a communication hub for all the documents and data for your business. But knowing when it is time to replace a copier can be a tricky thing because it might be functional and investing in a new device comes with expenses.


Managed Print: More than a Convenience

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The chatter that often surrounds managed print services is based around the convenience it is for businesses. And while managed print is undoubtedly a valuable convenience, the benefits are far more than convenience, resulting in saved time, resources, and ultimately, money.

Here are several ways that managed print services can improve office efficiency and reduce costs:

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