The Perils and Perks of Personalized Data

The Perils and Perks of Personalized Data | Security Canada

Remember the first time you read a personally targeted ad? Maybe it caught you off guard. Maybe you were researching a product for your business, and suddenly every sidebar ad on every website was related to this product. Is Google stalking you? The answer is yes, and no, and also everyone else is, too.

Manage Costs with Cloud Computing

Manage Costs with Cloud Computing | Segue Systems Calgary

As with most business practices, cloud computing is less about whether you do it than how you do it. Although we encourage most businesses to embrace the power of the cloud, we also can't stress enough that taking the right approach is crucial.

So what is the right approach to cloud computing? It all comes down to choosing superior performance and reducing overall costs.

Is Your Smartphone Safe?

Cyber Security Canada | Is Your Smartphone Safe?

More companies than ever are unlocking the power of mobile technology. With a smartphone in every pocket and a tablet in every briefcase, it's no wonder that the mobile revolution has begun. Whether employees use their own mobile devices for work or the company provides them, the convenience and efficiency are worth the investment.

How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Business

How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Business  | Cost Reduction Canada

Everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket these days. This may explain a new phenomenon that companies are noticing more frequently than ever: mobile devices are now the front door to the Internet. If you have a business website (which you know you should), you've probably already experienced this. According to most estimates, a little over half of all digital media is now consumed using a mobile device.

Tricks to Manage Costs

Managing Costs in a Bad Economy Canada

Managing costs in a bad economy can be difficult unless you know the tricks. Businesses in Canada who employ the following ways to cut costs are reaping the benefits.

Have you thought about how your business is measuring up? What can you do to aid in managing costs in a bad economy?

How To Catch Spam Before It Gets You

How To Catch Spam Before It Gets You | Segue Systems Edmonton

When your phone or laptop dings with the sound of a new email, nothing is more annoying than to discover it was only spam. While spam may disguise itself as just another office nuisance, don't be caught off guard. Spam is becoming more and more of a threat to your security as technology has advanced. A simple click on a website link or opening an attachment can lead to harmful programs infecting your computer.

Check Off Security

Check Off Security | Cyber Crimes Canada

As our world has shifted to operating businesses through financial transactions online, so have the potential threats shifted. You can no longer hire a security guard and call things protected. Protection against cyber crimes is needed. Cybercriminal gangs target computers and small businesses with low internet security.

Have you done everything you can to secure your office against cyber crime? Let's find out.

A Guide to Check Your Security

Here are several questions to give you a feel for where you are at in guiding your office into safer waters.

Cost Reduction Tips: Printing

Cost Reduction Tips: Printing | Segue Systems Canada

Cost reduction is a huge part a company's goals. It's important to be aware of how to save money even in the smallest of tasks- like printing from the internet. Employees are printing from the internet more and more. Printing from a web browser can be a necessary activity but it often ends up involving a lot of waste. Blank pages and pages with irrelevant content are often included with the article or info that was needed. Little by little, this costs big in the area of toner, ink and paper usage. How can you print more efficiently from your Google, Chrome and Internet Explore browsers?

Document Management Successes

Document Management Successes | Segue Systems Calgary

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months in your company? If you wish to achieve new heights of growth, you will need to go where you've never gone before. You need to implement new strategies to receive new results. It only makes sense.

Document management helps you use better organization, faster customer service, more flexibility and more productivity. If your hope is to spend more time out of the office and more time on top of things, document management can nail it down for you step by step.

Cyber Security Matters

Cyber Security Matters | Segue Systems Edmonton

Each month more cyber security breaches occur. This is a leading problem in the office since data is such a huge part of work activity. A company is at risk from both exterior and interior sources.

The internal side of a company needs protection by cyber security. IT security provides a safeguard for both the data transmitted within and the data outside of the network. Data at rest needs protections such as access controls, awareness controls, training, risk assessment and constant monitoring.

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