How To Catch Spam Before It Gets You

How To Catch Spam Before It Gets You | Segue Systems Edmonton

When your phone or laptop dings with the sound of a new email, nothing is more annoying than to discover it was only spam. While spam may disguise itself as just another office nuisance, don't be caught off guard. Spam is becoming more and more of a threat to your security as technology has advanced. A simple click on a website link or opening an attachment can lead to harmful programs infecting your computer.

Check Off Security

Check Off Security | Cyber Crimes Canada

As our world has shifted to operating businesses through financial transactions online, so have the potential threats shifted. You can no longer hire a security guard and call things protected. Protection against cyber crimes is needed. Cybercriminal gangs target computers and small businesses with low internet security.

Have you done everything you can to secure your office against cyber crime? Let's find out.

A Guide to Check Your Security

Here are several questions to give you a feel for where you are at in guiding your office into safer waters.

Cost Reduction Tips: Printing

Cost Reduction Tips: Printing | Segue Systems Canada

Cost reduction is a huge part a company's goals. It's important to be aware of how to save money even in the smallest of tasks- like printing from the internet. Employees are printing from the internet more and more. Printing from a web browser can be a necessary activity but it often ends up involving a lot of waste. Blank pages and pages with irrelevant content are often included with the article or info that was needed. Little by little, this costs big in the area of toner, ink and paper usage. How can you print more efficiently from your Google, Chrome and Internet Explore browsers?

Document Management Successes

Document Management Successes | Segue Systems Calgary

What do you hope to accomplish in the next 12 months in your company? If you wish to achieve new heights of growth, you will need to go where you've never gone before. You need to implement new strategies to receive new results. It only makes sense.

Document management helps you use better organization, faster customer service, more flexibility and more productivity. If your hope is to spend more time out of the office and more time on top of things, document management can nail it down for you step by step.

Cyber Security Matters

Cyber Security Matters | Segue Systems Edmonton

Each month more cyber security breaches occur. This is a leading problem in the office since data is such a huge part of work activity. A company is at risk from both exterior and interior sources.

The internal side of a company needs protection by cyber security. IT security provides a safeguard for both the data transmitted within and the data outside of the network. Data at rest needs protections such as access controls, awareness controls, training, risk assessment and constant monitoring.

Thinking (and Saving) Outside the Box with Managed Print Services

Thinking (and Saving) Outside the Box with Managed Print Services

Managed print services help companies think outside the box when it comes to saving funds. Setting up a managed print services contract is proving to be a smart move for small businesses, large businesses, mid-sized businesses, schools, colleges and hospitals alike. These organizations are finding that managed print services cut costs in numerous categories, weaving a money-saving thread through your business.

Three areas that you can save money are through your IT staff, energy conserving and overall efficiency.

How Document Management Aids in a Bad Economy

How Document Management Aids in a Bad Economy | Segue Systems Canada

When the going gets tough in the economy, businesses will suffer. Job loss, profit loss and even a complete shutdown are real factors with economic pressure. Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers never know when an economic crisis could ascend. This is the reason it is vital to achieving money-saving paths.

Managing costs with document management is just one big way that companies can rest more assuredly during the rise and fall of the economy.

4 Reasons Small Businesses Are Going Paperless

Reasons Small Businesses Are Going Paperless | Segue Systems Calgary

In a small business, you may think that it won't make a difference if you go paperless. How much paper does it really take to save the environment? The answer is: Any amount of paper you save makes a difference, whether it's a sheet or thousands of sheets of paper. That's why we encourage businesses to go paperless. It may seem daunting, but it makes a difference and is one of the biggest trends in business. It's the perfect direction for a small business to go.

Utilizing Mobile Printing in a BYOD Era

Utilizing Mobile Printing in a BYOD Era | Segue Systems Edmonton

With an increase in employee mobility and greater efficiency with the access of information anytime and anywhere, there is a greater expectation for device functionality. When companies standardize or employees bring their own devices, it is common to forget that there is also a great need for mobile printing. The key to employee mobility and productivity is mobile printing.

5 Benefits of Network Printing

5 Benefits of Network Printing | Segue Systems Canada

There are many benefits to having a network printer over each computer connecting directly to its own printer. Simple setup and ease of use once configured, plus the many additional benefits make network printers a desirable option for any office space.

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