New Xerox ConnectKey Color Printers Can Change the Way You Print

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Printing should never be a "stagnant" part of your business. Instead, it should be versatile and dynamic, capable of keeping up with all of your productivity, efficiency, and creativity needs--and in order to achieve all that, you need the right printer. Luckily, that's where the new Xerox ConnectKey color printers come in.


Embrace the Benefits of Mobility with Document Management

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As more and more organizations make the transition from paper-based processes to digital workflows, a growing number of workers have the option to telecommute. The trend benefits both businesses and employees, with increased job satisfaction for employees and lower overhead and improved productivity for their employers.

The tools to embrace mobility are easily acquired, and they can keep you, your workforce, and your information connected 24/7. Are you ready to make the transition?

3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Multifunction Copier

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Have you been wondering whether your small business needs access to in-house copiers? With paperless initiatives gaining ground and a local copy printing company within driving distance, it's possible to do without in-house copiers. But let's take a look at the opportunities you'll have if you decide to add one or more multifunction copiers to your office technology fleet.


3 Management Solutions from Xerox Managed Print

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Managed print services are all about management—managing devices, supplies, workflows, and users. If you've left your print environment to fend for itself, you're paying for the lack of oversight. It's time to look into professional management with Xerox Managed Print.

Here's how managed print professionals lower costs, boost productivity, and improve the way your copiers and printers perform.

Xerox Addresses the Future of Information Security

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You knew the IoT was on its way, and this holiday season you may receive or give gifts designed for connectivity. From your watch and smartphone to your refrigerator and home security system, we're reaching a point where connectivity will be almost impossible to avoid — all of which bring up an issue of great importance to us as 21st-century consumers of technology.


Improve Your Critical Business Processes with Document Management

document management

Your organization is bombarded by information from the opening of business to the moment you close your doors at the end of the day. Each document that enters your workflows follows a path until it's eventually filed away in a storage solution. What happens to your documents after they enter your workflows has a direct correlation to how well your company conducts business—and how you're perceived by associates and customers alike.

Why Your Local Dealer is Your Best Source for New Copiers

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We've all experienced the frustration of purchasing goods from out of the area only to find a problem with the item. Either it's not what we expected, or the product is damaged in some way. Perhaps we're not sure how to use it properly. Whatever the case, the type of support that can be offered over a long distance is often inadequate.


5 Questions to Ask a Managed Print Services Candidate

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Once you've decided to make a move to a managed print partnership, you've still got a few decisions to make. The most important is choosing a managed print provider who can meet your company's requirements. A one-size-fits-all solution may not work for your organization, so it's a good idea to do your homework.

Worried about Security? A Xerox Partnership Can Make the Difference

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How secure is your company's network? Have you doubled-down on your practices and made sure your printers and multifunction copiers are secure? Xerox knows what's at stake and they've made tremendous strides in print security in recent years. But first, let's talk about why a security event is bad for your company.


Document Management: A Solution for Construction Companies

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Anyone who has worked in the field of construction knows that the industry is always changing. There are always changes, delays, or turnover coming from clients and suppliers. Operating in quality, effective ways can take a great deal of work. Synchronizing the mass amount of information that is required for construction is extremely difficult for many businesses. This is where we find the value of document management.

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