Is Your Smartphone Safe?

Cyber Security Canada | Is Your Smartphone Safe?

More companies than ever are unlocking the power of mobile technology. With a smartphone in every pocket and a tablet in every briefcase, it's no wonder that the mobile revolution has begun. Whether employees use their own mobile devices for work or the company provides them, the convenience and efficiency are worth the investment.

But despite the fact that we're all familiar with mobile technology, few people know the basics of mobile security. Like a desktop or a laptop, a smartphone is a computer, and it has security weaknesses that can be exploited. It's important to make steps that prevent security breaches from happening, especially if your mobile device stores confidential company or client information.

The Tech-Savvy Guide to Smartphone Security

Good news: it's surprisingly simple to keep your mobile device secure. Here are five things you should do today to keep your personal and business information secure.

1. Set a Passcode

Last year, 5.2 million smartphones were reported as lost or stolen in the United States alone. Of those 5.2 million, less than half had a security pin set. It takes five minutes, so if you haven't already, choose a unique passcode that you will remember to give your phone or tablet the most basic security.

2. Enable Location Tracking

Almost every device allows you to enable device tracking and information erasure settings. If you lose your phone or tablet, device tracking allows you to see the address where it's located (if connected to WiFi) and also enables you to erase all information to prevent information security breaches.

3. Use VPN Encryption

Your company's IT department should be utilizing the powerful encryption capabilities of VPN to secure all of your data, including mobile devices.

4. Install Security Software

Company phones should be protected with mobile device security software. Just like computers, mobile devices are far from impervious to viruses, malware, and spyware.

5. Download Apps with Caution

Mobile malware is almost entirely housed on 3rd party app stores. This means you should always download apps from a trusted source. App stores for iPhones, Droids, and Windows Phones thoroughly vet apps.

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