Your Multifunction Printer Does More Than You Think

Your Multifunction Printer Does More Than You Think | Segue Systems

Your multifunction, mobile printer does more than simply “print”. Rather, your printer allows you to print from mobile devices, scan to the cloud, and email.

Let’s Talk About Email

Your multifunction printer allows you to email from the device. When you scan a document, simply select the option to “email” and send your document.

Why would you want to email straight from your printer?

First of all, this saves the valuable time that it takes to scan a document into your document management system or network repository, which you then have to locate, move around and then upload to your email to send.

With Xerox machines, you are able to upload your company address book to serve as options to select from the machine, or simply type in the email address you’d like to send to.

Just as simple as it is to scan to an email, you can scan straight to your cloud storage system. Rather than scan to your company’s network storage place, you can scan to your Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote account, simplifying your document-related processes and streamlining your personal workflows.

Take advantage of all that your multifunction printer has to offer. Contact us to learn more about your equipment.

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