Xerox SMARTSeries Solutions Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

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With print security and workplace efficiency top priorities for companies in the coming year, savvy business leaders are looking to their Xerox copiers for solutions. Read on to discover how Xerox SMARTSeries technology solutions can help your company succeed in 2018.

1. Enhanced print security.

Your copiers can be a source of security leaks, or they can be one of your most effective security assets. Xerox Serverless OnDemand Printing prevents print-related security issues on a number of fronts. Here's how it works.

  • Users send print jobs to networked Xerox copiers from their computer or mobile device.
  • The print job is held in the print queue awaiting further instructions.
  • Users must authenticate at the device using a password, smart ID card, or other authentication before the print job will release to the print tray.

By requiring authentication to finalize a print job, Xerox copiers can prevent unauthorized persons from printing or viewing sensitive documents.

2. Fast and accurate scanning.

Xerox multifunction copiers with SMARTSeries scanning capabilities can help your team digitize the documents currently residing in your paper-based filing systems. Optical Character Recognition technology converts hard copies into searchable PDF documents. The benefits are clear:

  • Scan and route digitized documents to multiple recipients, workflows, document management systems, or cloud storage repositories.
  • Retrieve documents instantly using keyword searches.
  • Eliminate excessive printing by sharing scanned documents electronically.

3. Lower costs.

Document printing can cost as much as 3% of your company's annual revenues. The good news is that your Xerox copiers can help you reduce unnecessary printing to lower costs in every department. Solutions like automatic duplexing, draft modes and print quotas all work together to bring printing costs under control.

To find out more about Xerox copiers and how they can help your SMB reduce costs and improve productivity, get in touch with us at Segue Systems today!

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