Xerox Addresses the Future of Information Security

information security

You knew the IoT was on its way, and this holiday season you may receive or give gifts designed for connectivity. From your watch and smartphone to your refrigerator and home security system, we're reaching a point where connectivity will be almost impossible to avoid — all of which bring up an issue of great importance to us as 21st-century consumers of technology.

The Future of Information Security

As much as your devices are connected at home, your devices at work are even more intertwined. Workflows connect with devices and vice-versa, and all the while information is flowing between each piece of equipment to your stored information. Just one slip-up and the entire system could be compromised in a cybercrime attack.

Xerox knows how important security is to your company's survival, so they've built it into to their multifunction copiers, laser printers, and document management systems. They're also making it their business to keep learning.

At a recent security event, experts from Xerox, McAfee, and Cisco offered their insights on top security issues and what we can do about them going forward. Here are some highlights.

  • Hackers know that you'll address specific problems within your network, and, just like you, they're familiar with all of them. That's why they use the unexpected to keep you from discovering their tactics.
  • New devices are being added to the IoT all the time, and not all of them are engineered with security top of mind. Expect new challenges as these vulnerable devices come into use.
  • Automation is the key to a successful security strategy. It's time to stop distrusting automation and allow it to analyze and address emerging threats. We can't do it all on our own.

The future may have arrived, but it's too early to let your guard down. For information on Xerox equipment and software security solutions, contact us at Segue Systems today!

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