Why Your Local Dealer is Your Best Source for New Copiers

printer in use

We've all experienced the frustration of purchasing goods from out of the area only to find a problem with the item. Either it's not what we expected, or the product is damaged in some way. Perhaps we're not sure how to use it properly. Whatever the case, the type of support that can be offered over a long distance is often inadequate.

When you purchase your copiers from a local dealer, you know that someone's close by to provide ongoing support. A local technology provider also cares about their reputation in the community, so they'll go out of their way to make sure you're satisfied with your copiers.

Here's a look at three more benefits of leasing or purchasing your copiers from a local technology provider.

You'll Get a Better Match for Your Requirements

Purchasing copiers from an out-of-the-area dealer may not result in the best match for your business requirements. A local provider can visit your offices and assess your workflows. They may even offer a Managed Print Services assessment to get a clearer idea of what you need.

You'll Have Access to Other Services

A local technology provider will likely have other equipment and services to meet your needs. You may be able to benefit from services like Managed Print and Document Management to help you get even more value from your copiers.

You'll Have a Better Understanding of Costs

There's more to the cost of copiers than the sticker price, and what looks like a bargain device may end up costing you more in the long run. A local technology provider will be upfront with you about costs, helping you find printers and copiers that will fit within your budget.

Segue Systems has been helping local businesses succeed since 1999. By combining a local presence with world-class technologies, you can be assured of getting the best of both worlds. Contact us to learn more today!

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