Why You Can Always Trust Xerox MFPs

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Everyone knows that cybersecurity needs to be a priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but how does that work when it comes to buying multifunction printers? Simple: all you have to do is trust a Xerox device! Today we'll find out what makes these machines so secure and so efficient at the same time.

Four Cornerstones of Security

When you choose Xerox for all of your printing needs, you can always count on state-of-the-art security that really stands out from the crowd. Why is this? What makes Xerox devices so special? The truth is that Xerox MFPs rely on four unique cornerstones of security that make them safe without sacrificing efficiency.

The cornerstones are:

  • intrusion prevention, which helps ensure that hackers can't gain entry to the device or the stored data;
  • connection detection, allowing your printer to detect and identify any devices trying to connect (and, in turn, alert you of suspicious activity);
  • data security certifications, proving that Xerox devices meet National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) requirements for document security;
  • and third-party affiliations, meaning that Xerox has partnered with other security companies to ensure that their products and software are always on the cutting edge of data protection.

Since these four things are built into every Xerox MFP, you can trust that your printer will always be secure, reliable, and capable of fitting into your existing security protocol (like firewalls or network security). On top of that, all four cornerstones were designed so that they don't interrupt function or user-friendliness--which means that, while Xerox MFPs are a stronghold of security features, they're also powerful and efficient.

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