Why Should You Invest in a Multifunction Printer?

Why Should You Invest in a Multifunction Printer? | Segue Systems Inc

Many offices have invested in individual devices for each document-related process – printer, scanner, fax machine, copier, etc. For some offices it makes financial sense to invest in a multifunctional printer, which combines the functions of those separate devices. Here are a few reasons why this may make more sense for your office:

  1. Save space – An all-in-one printer takes up significantly less space than separate devices. Rather than finding space in your office for each device, simply find the most convenient location to place your multifunction printer.
  2. Save resources – Make sure that all of your supplies are used up. With individual devices it can be easy to buy in bulk and not end up using everything. Additionally, since office devices are often left plugged in constantly, your office will save on energy costs by only using one device.
  3. Save time – With an all-in-one device you will be able to complete several processes at once, rather than making a copy on your copier and then scanning it using a different machine.

Depending on what your organization is looking for and needing, a multifunction device might make the most sense. You will only need to invest resources, time and energy into maintaining one device, rather than several. Contact us to learn more.

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