When to Upgrade Your Copier


One of the most useful and critical factors to your office is your copier. Your copier is a communication hub for all the documents and data for your business. But knowing when it is time to replace a copier can be a tricky thing because it might be functional and investing in a new device comes with expenses.

How do you know when your device is good enough to keep using it versus when it is time to move on? Here are some signs to help you know when it is time to upgrade your copier:

1. Lower Efficiency

Have you noticed employees spending a lot of time around your copier waiting for a function to complete? Over time, your copier has operated so many times that functions have probably begun to slow down and run into more issues than they once did. A new copier will have increased efficiency and will run into fewer problems, saving employees time troubleshooting when they could be focused on work.

2. High Printing Costs

New copiers cost much less to operate than older, worn copiers. Devices have come a long way in energy efficiency; making this switch will cut operating costs.

3. Constant Repairs

The average copier operates well for three to five years. If you’ve had your copier for longer than that and are finding yourself having to repair it often, it is probably time for a new copier. After a while, repair costs will outweigh the cost of purchasing a new machine.

4. Device is Unprotected

If your device does not have modern security capabilities, it is time to upgrade. Too much sensitive data and information flow through your copier to not have proper security measures in place.

5. Remote Workers Can’t Access It

Mobile printing is an essential task for the modern business. When employees can connect to your office’s printer from anywhere, their productivity can be increased whether they are on the road, at home, or work from a remote location.

Upgrading your device will lead to advancements in savings and productivity. To learn more about how you can update your copier, contact Segue Systems today!

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