Utilizing Mobile Printing in a BYOD Era

Utilizing Mobile Printing in a BYOD Era | Segue Systems Edmonton

With an increase in employee mobility and greater efficiency with the access of information anytime and anywhere, there is a greater expectation for device functionality. When companies standardize or employees bring their own devices, it is common to forget that there is also a great need for mobile printing. The key to employee mobility and productivity is mobile printing.

How to Utilize Mobile Printing

  1. Little training: You want to aim for as little training required as possible so it is simple and easy for your employees. All types of devices should be supported by the mobile printing device, and every mobile device should be able to print to any brand or type of printer. Try a solution that supports your IT's administrative needs by configuring a print infrastructure that enables mobile printing across the entire printer fleet.

  2. Secure printing: Due to sensitive information bound to be printed, you want to provide a secure way to print that keeps print jobs within the firewall. You might consider secure-release functionality so you can offer users the ability to print and release their print jobs while at the printer. This ensure that documents aren't left at the printer that aren't meant to be left out.

  3. Guest printing: While it is important for employees to be able to print, it is also important to have printing for guests. Setting a guest network can ensure that they have this option available to them. The ideal printing solution allows guests to print onsite without IT having to make exceptions within the network or opening the firewall.

When determining the needs of your company, you'll find that certain features take priority over others. Let Segue Systems help you find your ideal mobile printing solution.

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