Using Multifunction Printers to Simplify the Job Process

Using Multifunction Printers to Simplify the Job Process

Many of us have been there: Your need to create a sophisticated copy job featuring various types of originals, different color requirements and maybe even varying sizes. Can your current multifunction printers handle the job? New printer innovations care of Xerox can make asking that question a thing of the past.

Printers work on a pretty simple concept of handing print jobs one by one, based on where they fall in a queue. Unfortunately, this can mean if your printer gets hung up on a single complex job, it can trigger a domino effect that slows down other jobs and creates a bottleneck to your overall workflow.

Build Job is the solution. This copy feature, available on most Xerox multifunction printers and copiers, lets you assign jobs with a smorgasbord of options and save them for replication later on. Mix and match paper sizes, you name it, then assign them to each segment of a print job. Program the segments and print - perfect for jobs that have to be recreated again and again.

Better still, you don’t have to be hamstrung by limits on the number of originals for your multifunction printers. Build Job lets you override that limitation, while also stopping you from having to manually compile jobs for differing segments.

Build job is just one way that modern, multifunction printers are being streamlined to simply your print jobs and ultimately, your office workflow.

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