The Truth Behind Mobile Printing Security

The Truth Behind Mobile Printing Security | Segue Systems

Recent advances in technology have been great for the workplace. However, as good as this technology is, new threats have been opened up, especially when it comes to mobile printing solutions. Employees can print documents right from their phones, and if malware is on that phone, then your company information could be stolen. Here are a couple ways to keep your data secure.

Educate Employees

Your workers likely do not realize the dangers they are opening the company up to whenever they print from their phones. Make sure your employees go through training so that they know the risks they are accepting when printing from mobile devices. Let them know that their phones are not more secure than a computer.

Protect Data

Familiarizing yourself with technological security measures can be a huge asset. You can install authentication measures such as a PIN number or password on printing devices. You can also install embedded security software, which will allow you to identify the origin of a potential security threat or carry out an audit trail.

Mobile devices can be hugely beneficial in the workplace, but you need to know how to use these items wisely so that they do not end up being more of a hassle than asset. By using mobile phones correctly, you will have an array of mobile printing solutions at your disposal. 

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