Transitioning from Paper to Digital Document Management

Transitioning from Paper to Digital Document Management

Making the transition to a paperless office can be a stressful and difficult experience. Chances are that you have years and years of information stored in file cabinets around your office. Taking steps to digitize those documents can seem like a substantial task that is time-consuming and risky.

While actual task of moving to a digital-based document management system will take time, your office will be more efficient and save time and resources once the process is complete. Most offices have been reluctant to jump into digital document management, but early adopters are paving the way toward a more sustainable, revolutionized office environment.

The benefits of digital document management abound. Here are a few of the benefits of switching from paper to digital:

  • Saves time: Finding, storing, saving and sending documents can be done in one click. Many processes involved in document management are streamlined and made simple.
  • Control who can view a document: Document management software allows you to specify who can view or access a document, making information as secure as possible.
  • Efficiency: Automated processes like filing cut everyone’s workload, meaning workers can spend more time on tasks that count. Employees that were spending time on cumbersome paperwork, like those working in Human Resources, can focus more on things like “strategic initiatives to help the business and employees grow.”
  • Mobile: Stay up-to-date on your work with access to documents from anywhere. Remote workers can have the same access to information as if they were sitting right in your office.

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