Top 3 IT Services Myths Debunked

Top 3 IT Services Myths Debunked | Segue Systems Calgary

There are several myths surrounding managed IT services, and it's time they were put to rest. These myths often dissuade companies from choose a solution that could save them money, time, and stress, and are ultimately untrue. Let's tackle a few of the top myths.

Myth #1: Managed IT Is Only for Big Businesses

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from managed IT services, and best of all, it's a scalable solution. When you choose managed IT, you're choosing from a menu of fantastic support options, like network security and remote troubleshooting. Small businesses can use the scalable options of managed IT services to grow their company.

Myth #2: Managed IT Is Too Expensive

Wrong: managing your own IT infrastructure is too expensive. When your IT department is overworked and stretched too thin, your company suffers. Your IT department should be focusing on strategic initiatives and business goals, not putting out another fire. Managed IT operates on a preventative paradigm that reduces your downtime significantly and gives your IT team a break. More importantly, it reduces the costs associated with overtime pay and system downtime.

Myth #3: Companies Don't Have Local Options for Managed IT Support

If your company is in the Edmonton or Calgary area, you have a trusted local source for IT support. Here are Segue Systems, we're proud to offer our services to local businesses. Your company can succeed with the right partner. Give us a call today to discuss your options for IT support and other services. We'd be happy to give you a free consultation.

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