Thinking (and Saving) Outside the Box with Managed Print Services

Thinking (and Saving) Outside the Box with Managed Print Services

Managed print services help companies think outside the box when it comes to saving funds. Setting up a managed print services contract is proving to be a smart move for small businesses, large businesses, mid-sized businesses, schools, colleges and hospitals alike. These organizations are finding that managed print services cut costs in numerous categories, weaving a money-saving thread through your business.

Three areas that you can save money are through your IT staff, energy conserving and overall efficiency.

Saving Through Your IT Staff

One way that managed print services is saving money for these organizations is that it takes a load of the IT staff's plate. Suddenly, they no longer have to worry about malfunctioning printers, replacing ink cartridges and oversight of the print help desk. This allows the IT staff to focus on other needs and goals, accomplishing more with their time.

Saving Through Energy

Businesses are discovering that, thanks to the managed print services contract, they can decrease energy expenditures by around 20 percent. This significantly lowers energy bills by thousands of dollars.

Saving Through Efficiency

Managed print services can be set up to where employees don't have to leave their desks to print. You can allow them access to at least one multifunctional device close by. This networked system improves the workflow. If a malfunction occurs, employees can simply send for the MPS team to do the rescuing.

Combining the three areas above, and all the other ways that managed print services can save money, we know that managed print services is a way to think outside the box in terms of saving funds.

Would you like to begin saving more money in your school, hospital or other business? Contact us to set up your personalized managed print services contract.

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