Solid Ink: The Most Affordable Color Ink

Solid Ink: The Most Affordable Color Ink | Segue Systems Canada

When a fancy new technology bursts onto the scene, it's rare to see that technology as affordable. Generally, these shiny new gadgets and solutions have yet to be brought down to an affordable level so that every company can enjoy the benefits. Not so with Xerox's latest innovation, Solid Ink.

Why Solid Ink is the Most Affordable Ink Available

What happens when Xerox takes a look at how we manufacture, use, and store ink, and decides to turn old-fashioned perceptions on their head? Solid Ink. Solid Ink technology does away with what we "know" about ink and truly revolutionizes printing technology.

The best part? This ink is the lowest color ink cost on the market, and it's the best for the environment. Here's how.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The Xerox ColorQube 8880 runs Xerox's new Solid Ink technology, and according to the latest research, it's the lowest cost per color page on the market today. In fact, it leaves the competition in the dust: it's 14% lower than the closest cost competitor.

Ongoing Cost Savings

When you're saving money on ink, it's an ongoing cost savings, making the ColorQube 8880 a gift that keeps on giving. In addition, the ColorQube is the most environmentally-friendly printer on the market, meaning that you're saving in energy, shipping costs, and consumables.

Higher Productivity

The ColorQube boasts fantastic features to keep you operating at max efficiency, including a print around feature that lets active jobs move ahead of jobs already stalled in the printer queue. It prints at a high speed without sacrificing quality.

For more information about Xerox's ColorQube printer and Solid Ink, contact us today.

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