Reasons to Buy Office Equipment from an Independent Dealer


Choosing between local businesses and large, multinational companies can be a hard choice. However, there are some important things to know about local, independent office machine dealers that could help you to make this important choice.

The Personal Factor

When you deal with an enormous company you are just one customer out of a sea of them. That manufacturer of your copier or other office equipment will have a multitude of customers, and there's no chance that they will remember you. You may be told different things by different employees of the company, and it can be hard to get any advice at all about which model your business needs. But with a local dealer, there is a personal touch that can't be replaced. You are treated like a valued customer because you are. You aren't just one out of thousands of buyers.

Competitive Pricing

Office machine manufacturers may seem like their prices would be the best, but that isn't always so. The large companies also have an extreme amount of overhead. They also have a lot of middlemen who also need to be paid. A smaller company with just one or two locations, however, is a very different type of business. Each sale is important, and the overhead is much lower. That often allows these companies to charge less to their local customers.

Advice and Guidance

When you do business with a small local company, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with that company. Unlike at the big companies, where your account is just a number, the local employees remain there in the community, ready to give you any guidance you need for your copiers. They can help you choose between models, tell you about the latest copier features and make sure it is set up properly in your office. A multinational does not have time to forge a relationship like this.

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