Protect Your Documents with Secure Print

printer with security card

The danger of having any data stream that can be hacked has made many companies nervous about having a data breach. However, there are steps that you can take to make it far less likely that your data will be accessed by any outside entity.

Printing Dangers

With no protections on documents that are printed, this is a data stream that is not secure and can be intercepted. There is also the possibility of the paper that is to be printed simply getting lost for a time. It may come back to the Xerox machine, or it may have simply been stolen. Both of these problems can be made more manageable by using secure print methods to keep everything printed safer and more secure.

Passwords and PINs

Part of secure print is assigning a password or PIN for each document as it is printed/ It won't print until the user goes to the actual printer in person and uses that password or PIN. It then prints securely, and a clear record of it is available. This keeps everyone accountable for the documents they print and the data they each contain. There are many types of documents that are sought after by thieves, and reducing carelessness when printing is your first line of defense against them.

Document Location

Because secure print requires the employee to actually go to the printer, the document won't be left lying around for others to see. This further products the data it contains from prying eyes. And because the employee is right there to pick up the printed copies, they won't be left for an indeterminate amount of time. No one will accidentally pick up those copies or put them aside to be lost.

When you're ready to get your secure print system started, contact us to find out more. We can set up your secure print system so that you never have to wonder what was printed or what happened to the copies.

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