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Each year there seems to be more and more options. It's exciting but overwhelming, and that's why a printer buying guide can come in handy.

What are some printer questions to ask to guide you into buying the right HP printer for your home or office?

The single function inkjet printer uses thousands of ink dots squirted onto the page. It's usually cheaper than the laser, but it's easier to smudge the ink. If you print less than 200 pages per month, then the inkjet is probably the printer for your Massachusetts home.

The laser printer is a pro in the office. Instead of using ink dots, the process involves static electricity. It transfers toner from the cartridge and heats it onto the page. The cartridges are generally more expensive, but they produce more pages printed per cartridge. The laser printer produces high-quality plain text but isn't designed to print photos.

All-in-one printers can photocopy and scan documents. They tend to have single cartridges for each color and that makes replacements super easy. Depending on the machine you purchase, they can sometimes produce lab-quality photos.

Photo printers can produce high-quality photos and provide editing options, memory card slots and/or a USB connection. You can even connect your printer right to your camera.

It boils down to evaluating what are your printing needs. Which printer will best make workflow solutions happen in your home or office? Will you be printing more than 200 page per month? Do you need to have high-quality photos printed? What about photocopying and scanning?

Contact us to visit with us about our printers, services, and products. We'd love to guide you through the buying process so you can own the perfect printer for your home or office.

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