The Perils and Perks of Personalized Data

The Perils and Perks of Personalized Data | Security Canada

Remember the first time you read a personally targeted ad? Maybe it caught you off guard. Maybe you were researching a product for your business, and suddenly every sidebar ad on every website was related to this product. Is Google stalking you? The answer is yes, and no, and also everyone else is, too.

The Many Pros (and a Few Cons) of Personalized Data

In today's age, your personal data is valuable. The information about how old you are, where you live, what your shopping habits are, and what brands you buy is worth a pretty penny. And in all likelihood, whether you like it or not so far, your personal habits and information are known—in a certain level of detail—by several companies.

This has pros and cons, especially if you're a business owner. Although consumers have warmed rather slowly to the idea of being studied by companies, there's research that suggests people are coming around to the concept.

Naturally, there is privacy to consider. How much information do you want out there about you—or your company? On the other hand, receiving personalize advertising, solutions, and information can make purchasing decisions straight forward.

A Word to Business Professionals

What does this mean for a business owner? Simply put, you need to be collecting, storing, and mining data about your customers and using it to stay competitive. You also must keep this information secure, safe, and private.

If you're wondering how to accomplish both of these aims at once, give us a call. We can talk over your options for document management and IT security.

Purchasing a copier may seem like one of those decisions you can make quickly, but it's actually up there in importance with that sticky client situation and your company's budget.

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