New Xerox ConnectKey Color Printers Can Change the Way You Print

graphs printed in color

Printing should never be a "stagnant" part of your business. Instead, it should be versatile and dynamic, capable of keeping up with all of your productivity, efficiency, and creativity needs--and in order to achieve all that, you need the right printer. Luckily, that's where the new Xerox ConnectKey color printers come in.

The Power of Xerox

Xerox has long been a trusted name in high-quality, cost-efficient color printers--but this time, they've really outdone themselves. The Xerox VersaLink-C8000 and C9000 are professional-quality color printers designed for companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries; they are ideal for larger groups or teams and can fit seamlessly into just about any workflow. These machines are reliable, affordable, and powerful, allowing you to change the way you print--because after all, with all kinds of new options and perfect color precision, you'll be able to make flawless prints every time.

Sneak Peak

The C8000 and C9000 models have a lot to offer to your print environment. Here's just a sneak peak of what they bring to the table.

  • Personalized user experience

Many high-performance printers come with a difficult user experience--but not Xerox's powerful machines. These printers were designed with the user in mind, boasting a simple installation wizard, easy-to-learn features, and a touch-screen that can be personalized for different types of print interactions.

  • Flawless color

The C8000 and C9000 both offer robust color options and professional-quality prints. You can always count on high image quality, color accuracy, and shade precision. The C9000 even supports unique color management tools that support your creativity to any end.

  • A multitude of options

Both of these Xerox devices--but the C9000 especially--come equipped with all the options you need to support your brand, circulate your message, and communicate both externally and internally. For example, the C9000 supports different paper types and thicknesses, meaning you can create brochures, posters, and more.

These Xerox ConnectKey Color Printers might be just what your office needs. Contact us today to find out more!

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