The Necessity of Managed Print Services

The Necessity of Managed Print Services | Segue Systems Edmonton

If managed print services existed in the 90's, printer issues could have been fixed a lot easier. Managed print services provides a way to track expenses that often get out of hand for companies that don't both to keep track. It's a pretty common problem, so if you think you are alone, you aren't, a lot of companies only have estimates of the costs because of the difficulty tracking printing expenses.

It all starts with tracking your printing

In business, it's important to follow where the money goes, especially when it comes to internal costs. Without tracking printing, it's just another way in which your profit isn't being protected. Now, tracking printing costs can be difficult, but there are systems available to help you.

Solve problems

Now that you know that managed print services are available, what exactly are the benefits?

  • Up to 30% savings on printer costs
  • Controlled print spending
  • One bill for all documents printed
  • Reduced IT support staff
  • Automatic Supply Ordering and reduced administrative needs
  • Proactive printer monitoring and break fixes
  • Reduction in overall amount of printed pages

To-do list

Spend some time looking at all of the devices you have involved in your printing fleet. This includes anything that prints, scans, faxes, copies, or even multifunctions. Make note of any printing units that are already not performing well, and need special attention, or may need to be replaced in the near future.

Who do you go to when your printer breaks? This is another cost that you can probably get reduced by getting a high-quality vendor involved.

IT employees fixing printers? Is your IT guy constantly being called for printer issues? Does this keep him from other important problems? You can have your IT guy trying to root out problems himself, or look for a managed print services provider who will figure out the issues for you.

Printing can drain funds that you don't need to let go. Contact Segue-systems today and find out what we can do for you with Managed Print Services.

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