Mobile Printing Solutions Offer More Than Just Printing

Mobile Printing Solutions Offer More Than Just Printing | Segue Systems

Do you run a company with employees who are always on the go? When your employees need to be able to work from wherever they are, they must be able to print from anywhere as well. Mobile printing is the newest advancement in the workforce, and your company could likely benefit.

Simplify Workflow

Before mobile print solutions came on the scene, a person who had work on a smartphone or tablet had to connect it to a computer and transfer the work to it before it could print. Mobile printing allows employees to print important documents right from their tablets or smartphones.

Out-of-Network Printing

Networked printing is optimal for many situations, but it isn’t always convenient for someone who is on the go and not close to a printer in their device’s network. Mobile print solutions allow your employees to print to whichever printer is closest, regardless of its network.

Better Security

Does your business often print sensitive documents? In the past, employees had to press the print button and then rush to the printer to avoid losing their document in a pile of other work. Mobile printing is more secure. Your employee can wait until he or she is right in front of the printer before printing the document, ensuring it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands along the way.

Mobile printing is the way great companies do business. Mobile print solutions will boost your company’s workflow and security, which is likely to increase profits over time.

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