Managed Print Services: It's More Than the Name

Managed Print Services: It's More Than the Name

When most people think about and research managed print services (MPS), they think that it simply means having someone manage their print environment. Truthfully, it’s much more than that! Choosing a managed print services provider is investing in a partnership.

This partnership will help you to reduce costs, make sure there aren’t factors you are overlooking, and simplify your workflows.

How can MPS help your organization?

Print costs are often left unchecked and unmanaged, meaning businesses spend more money than needed on their print needs. Managed print services providers look at the amount printed from every device and each machine. They also look at the amount of support needed by the current IT department to keep print devices/infrastructure running properly. With this information, your provider will be able to give you accurate suggestions for optimal printing, with the least waste, fewest resources and lowest cost.

Remember, this is a partnership. You and your provider should be working together ongoing to ensure that printing at your organization is optimal. MPS is not a one-time fix. You can expect an initial assessment and suggestions and ongoing device support, improvements and continuing management. Contact us to learn more about how a partnership with a managed print services provider can help your organization.

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