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Managed IT - Your Office Headache Reliever | Segue Systems Edmonton

Managed IT services, or "A managed services provider (MSP) is most often an information technology (IT) services provider that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to its clients either proactively or as the MSP (not the client) determines that services are needed." - Wikipedia

So now that Managed IT services are understood to an extent, how can they help you? Why not just call someone when something breaks? Why not have your own department? We'll answer those questions.

Break-Fix Method: Don't do it.

The break-fix method is a common idea; don't fix it until it's broken! The problem with that is problems arise unbeknownst to your company, and you don't see it until it's ruined an entire day's work.

IT In House: Practical? I think not.

Many companies have tried to train employees to manage their IT. What's wrong with that? It can be incredibly costly to train, furnish and employ an IT department, even if it's only one guy. An IT service provider isn't receiving all of their revenue from you, so the costs are minimal compared to paying a full-time (or even part-time) IT specialist. Not to mention, an IT services provider generally provides their own equipment, snatching that costly bill away from your budget.

How Segue Does IT

At Segue, we strive towards an efficient team who helps secure your business against those unforeseen breaks and disasters. Here are some specifics on our services:

  • Remote Control Panel allows troubleshooting from anywhere
  • Support requests minimized by Online Support and Embedded Help Videos for users Devices connect wirelessly to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Device cloning
  • Global Print Driver allows you to support just 1 print driver for the entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Common ConnectKey controller used on extensive office product line means less user support needed

We're a believer in the value of managed IT services; that's why we're in business. We'd love to do business with you, and if you'd like more information, call us!

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