How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Business

How to Use Mobile Technology for Your Business  | Cost Reduction Canada

Everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket these days. This may explain a new phenomenon that companies are noticing more frequently than ever: mobile devices are now the front door to the Internet. If you have a business website (which you know you should), you've probably already experienced this. According to most estimates, a little over half of all digital media is now consumed using a mobile device. In fact, there's a growing portion of the population—currently hovering at just over 11%—that browses the web exclusively with a mobile device.

What does this mean for businesses? First, it means your company should prioritize your mobile site as much as or maybe more than your desktop site. Second, it means you should be keeping an eye on mobile technology and using it to your advantage.

Mobile Tech is Just Getting Started

It used to be that you only had to worry about getting a traditional website set up for your company. Today, your mobile website and mobile e-commerce may be more crucial than your desktop website.

In the same way, it's imperative that you acknowledge the power of mobile technology for your company. Here are a few ways you can use the rise of mobile technology to your company's advantage.

  1. Invest in app development. Apps are a much stickier technology than websites. With an app you can request customer information like email and demographic data in exchange for exclusive deals and access.
  2. Give employees more creative freedom. Mobile technology can be a great tool in the workplace. Whether your employees are working from home with the connectivity of the Internet or using apps to increase productivity, you can embrace mobile technology in the office.
  3. Increase sales. Did you know that about 75% of mobile users report accessing their devices for shopping while they're in a store? Mobile is how people shop today. Increase your sales by embracing mobile technology.

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