How Managed Print Makes an Impact

How Managed Print Makes an Impact | Segue Systems Canada

Oftentimes organizations are pressured to reduce costs, including office expenses. This can sometimes be daunting, as many don't even know what all the expenses entail. Managed Print Services is a great way to get a clear picture of your overall print environment, and to make a plan to cut costs and optimize your print fleet. Here are some ways that managed print works for you.

  • The initial assessment looks at your entire print environment. This helps you see how and where you can streamline and cut costs. Some offices, for example, might find that fewer printers can help save money. Others find that switching to a multifunction device can make a dramatic impact on print costs.
  • The assessment also shows how implementing print guidelines for office personnel can overhaul ingrained print habits. Even just updating settings -- such as automatic double-sided and black and white -- can decrease costs and reduce waste.
  • Reducing unneeded color printing can be accomplished through both default settings and deliberate placement of color printing units. Managed print can determine the best locations for your color printers.
  • Managed print can help implement networked printing, which has the ability to make the most out of your office and free up valuable space.
  • Over-ordering of supplies is a thing of the past with managed print. Print management includes monitoring and ordering supplies, so you don't run out or overstock.

Managed print services has the potential to facilitate significant savings in your organization. In addition, businesses with managed print see better productivity and less printer downtime. This helps you focus on doing business instead of worrying about printers, and it frees up valuable IT time. For more on managed print, contact us today.

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