How to Manage Print Costs

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Print costs are a significant expense for many businesses. The costs should be managed so that these costs are kept under control. Spending too much on these tasks can affect your company's profitability, but there are things that can be done to keep those costs manageable.

Hidden Costs

Lots of the costs that are associated with printing may be surprising. Too many documents may be printed without good reason for doing so. Someone could order the wrong supplies for the printer, having those supplies go to waste. If the printers are not maintained properly, they may break sooner than needed, and that means extra repair costs. Managed print services can keep away those extra expenses so that your printing costs are lower.

Creating a Print Policy

When you have a specific print policy in the office, you can get rid of unnecessary printing. Making people accountable for what is printed adds some protection against the practice. It also ensures that things aren't printed in bulk in order to take them off site. As part of that policy, use managed print services to have the right parts and supplies ordered in time for each printer that will need them.

The Cost of Productivity

Every business counts on the productivity of its employees. However, there are time drags that can interfere with that productivity. When employees can't keep up a good work pace, the company suffers. This is one of the many hidden costs of taking care of printer services in-house. Often, it's the IT department that is given responsibility for the printers. This takes away from their ability to take care of their other responsibilities. If they can't spend the time they need on the computer system, mistakes can happen.

When you're ready to keep your print costs as low as possible, contact us for managed print services. We can help each printing session to cost less without tying up your valuable IT department.

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