How To Catch Spam Before It Gets You

How To Catch Spam Before It Gets You | Segue Systems Edmonton

When your phone or laptop dings with the sound of a new email, nothing is more annoying than to discover it was only spam. While spam may disguise itself as just another office nuisance, don't be caught off guard. Spam is becoming more and more of a threat to your security as technology has advanced. A simple click on a website link or opening an attachment can lead to harmful programs infecting your computer.

Spam can do one of two things. The program can use your email account to send out more spam (your friends hate this as much as you do) or the program infects your PC with a virus. With hidden spyware, spam can result in the stealing of your online banking login details.

This situation is destructive to your inbox and your entire business.

Catch Spam

Is that email spam or not? Can it pass this security test?

  • Does it have an unknown sender? Be on the alert for unfamiliar names and senders. Resist the urge to click on any links or attachments. Remember, behind every spam email there are efforts to making it appear legitimate and professional. It never hurts to Google the sender's name to find out if the company is real.
  • Does the email demand cash or personal details? Little red flags should go up as this is a common tactic to collecting precious info. Be aware of subject titles posing as banks or attachments disguised as invoices. Call the company or delete the email.
  • Are their attachments? Be suspicious of any attachments from an unknown sender. There isn't a rhyme or reason to the type of attachment spammers will use.
  • Are there external links? Spammers know to hide a hyperlink that will take you to a malicious website. Hover your mouse over the hyperlink to see if it matches with the site it says it will take you to.

Your security is important. Contact us to learn about more ways to stay on top of security at your office in Canada.

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