Getting Employees To Buy Into New Technology

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Technology is always taking new leaps to help businesses operate in more efficient and cost-effective ways. What is difficult about modern technology is encouraging employees to leave behind preferred technology that they have experience with. We humans don’t always love change, so the thought of having to learn a new computer or copier can result in resistance from employees.

Here are several tips to help encourage employees to accept new technology and procedures:

1. Ask Input Before Changing Equipment

Although you might call the shots for your business, your employees are the ones subject to the equipment, plans, and processes you put in place in your office. To save employees from the shock factor of being forced to learn new equipment one day, sit down and have an intentional conversation with employees about what new equipment solutions are being implemented and why. This is an excellent opportunity for employees to ask questions and feel like valued employees with a boss who cares about their daily work.

2. Choose Compatible Technology

Choosing compatible technology solutions will save employees and yourself the headache of technology that won’t cooperate with other devices in your office. When you use brands that employees are familiar with, they will be able to acquire experience quicker, as many features will be similar, if not the same.

3. Focus On Benefits

When you sit down with employees to inform new technology solutions, devote your time to sharing how the new equipment will benefit their job. You might want to boast on the bells and whistles that your new device has, but employees will buy into a new machine when they know it is intended to make their job easier.

4. Plan Implementations Well

You will want to give plenty of heads up to employees oncoming technology changes and wait to implement changes in a quarter or season that offers as much freedom to learn new devices and procedures.

5. Offer Rewards

Rewards can be used to encourage employees to adapt to the new technology solutions in your office. This will give your team incentives to get the hang of their new devices and processes, benefiting both them and you.

To learn more about encouraging your employees to embrace new technology, contact Segue Systems today!

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