Does Your Office Need a Standalone Copier?

Does Your Office Need a Standalone Copier? | Segue Systems Calgary

Copying is one of the most basic clerical tasks, and office copiers continue to serve a purpose. The question is whether you need a device that only does copies. For a less basic machine, look into all in one printers, which can handle all your copying needs while covering other key functions as well.

Consider a Multifunction Printer

If your office could also use a printer, scanner or fax machine, keep in mind that each of these devices, together with a massive standalone copier, is going to take up precious space. It can also be a hassle to work with multiple devices sporting completely different interfaces. A more elegant solution would be to invest in a single device capable of doing everything.

Productivity Features for the Digital Age

Whereas standalone office copiers are a comparatively dated technology, all in one printers today come with an array of useful features to enhance productivity:

  • Print from any computer, smartphone or tablet on your network
  • Email a document directly from the scanner
  • Scan documents as PDF files with searchable text
  • Monitor and control access to the device, thereby reducing waste

Technology That Won’t Leave You Behind

Modern multifunction printers are designed to be as easy to troubleshoot as they are to use. Support is built right into the device to walk you through most issues. If you need more personal help, the technology streamlines the process by allowing IT to remotely see what is happening on your device.

The standalone office copiers of old have largely evolved into today’s all in one printers. For your copying needs and more, consider a multifunction device.

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