Document Management Won't Eliminate Print

Document Management Won't Eliminate Print | Segue Systems Canada

It is quickly becoming "the next big thing" in business: document management. While this quick solution to paper woes can be a lifesaver for companies struggling with numerous file cabinets and poor organization, document management can seem like a death certificate for businesses that work with print. Document management solutions seem like the opposite of printing. However, document management is not working to eliminate print at all--in fact, it may be making print even more attractive and efficient.

Document Management

Document management is the transition from paper files to digital files using a scanner or multifunction device. This fast and easy change helps eliminate wasted space, save time in organization, improve security, and maximize company-wide communication by making files more accessible from a wide array of devices. Filing and retrieving information becomes easier than ever thanks to the wonders of technology, and productivity, efficiency, and customer relations can be greatly improved as a result.

Document Management isn't the End of Print

While document management seems to be the enemy of printers and copiers, the reality is that document management solutions are actually working with print to create a more efficient work environment.

  • Retrieval. Document management makes files much easier to retrieve. As a result, those files can be printed and copied more efficiently than ever, and the time once spent searching for the document can now be spent distributing it. Document management doesn't eliminate print--it simply makes printing and copying more efficient and, therefore, more useful.
  • Solutions. Nearly every company has its share of paper woes. By offering your customers document management solutions as well as print solutions, you can improve their work environments to make printing more attractive and efficient. Although the relationship between document management and print is subtle, it is powerful--make sure you're working with the package deal!
  • Efficiency. From a consumer's standpoint, it's important to focus on the workflow. Because of the efficiency offered by document management systems, workflow becomes more productive than ever--and thus, more opportunities for printing arise. Even environmentally, this relationship is beneficial, leading to a decrease in unnecessary printing and a focus on printing or copying only what is needed.

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